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Learning PODS for Fall 2020

Gather a group of students and we’ll pair you with one of our incredible teachers to meet your children at your home, spark their interests, and celebrate their unique characters and learning styles.

Test Prep: SHSAT, SSAT/ISEE as well as SAT/ACT Prep

Complimentary Pre-Admissions Assessment + Complimentary Middle and HIgh School Admission Consults

Multisensory Tutoring  

IEP Students could qualify for FREE tutoring at this time. Creative teaching methods are used to best support the student's unique learning style.

Mathematics Tutoring 

"Mathematics is one of the essential emanations of the human spirit, a thing to be valued in and for itself, like art or poetry." - Oswald Veblen



helping students help themselves since 2006

Request a complimentary academic assessment for your child to see how to best support your family this fall. Learnig Pods, Individualized Tutoring Lessons and MUCH more ..

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Fall 2020: Offering complimentary 30-min academic assessments for your child + an educational consult in preperation for the upcoming fall !


So Much More!

Contact Us to request more detailed information via email. You can also request a call or a virtual meeting for your family.

We're absolutely packed and filled with goodies ready for you to use, we can't even list all of them! It's a awesome deal



helping students help themselves since 2006




Selected by our Customers

Meet Kolor! A product we launched last year and have constantly been adding awesome features to it. It's an absolute best sellers and our customers love it!


VIrtual Online LearningPods

Fall 2020 Online Learning Pods -- Register for fall 2020!

Student:teacher ratio 5:1 -- Algrebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 11/Trigonometry -- Test Prep Courses: SAT, SHSAT, SSAT -- Space is Limited !



helping students help themselves since 2006

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